Trident Service

Environmental services for the public and private sectors.

Who We Are


Trident Service was founded in 2005 by Philippe Le Gal, who previously worked for over a decade in the environmental division of Suez–Sita.

Philippe Le Gal is an expert in the field of industrial processes applied to waste management. This expertise covers all aspects of the profession: regulations, supervision of operations, design, and construction.

Trident Service is an independent company, 100%–owned by the principal shareholder.

Company headquarters are located in Dinard (35), in France’s Brittany region, and a permanent office operates out of Croissy-sur-Seine (78), near Paris.

Presentation of Trident Service.

In 2002, Philippe Le Gal (first from the left) and his team earned the Siemens Prize for Innovation, awarded by the French industrial sector, for the design and construction of the Limeil Brevannes waste sorting centre near Paris.


Trident Service launched from a client base mainly composed of industrial players, to whom we provide consulting and assistance in the waste management sector. Core work consists of regulatory audits and waste diagnostics as well as complete follow–up throughout the certification process for ISO 14 001 and ISO 9 001.

In 2006, Trident Service broadened its range of activities to serve the needs of local public sector clients. New services were introduced, including project management assistance and project management for the renovation of waste treatment facilities: sorting centres, ultimate waste storage facilities, composting and co–composting facilities, etc.

Since the end of 2006 and in 2007, Trident Service has taken its waste management expertise abroad on behalf of corporations (Veolia Environnement) as well as international institutions (The European Union).

Our Team

Trident Service maintains a small organisational structure, which ensures that we stay available and responsive to the unique needs of each one of our clients. In addition, Trident Service is supplemented by a rich network of experts, each individually recognised in their respective fields and able to mobilize on call.

The permanent team is currently composed of 6 full–time operatives and several senior consultants who collaborate with Trident Service on a regular basis.

  • Philippe Le Gal, Founding Director ;
  • Guillaume Pageot, Environmental Engineer, Operations Manager;
  • Martin COLLART DUTILLEUL, Environmental Engineer, Operations Manager;
  • Benjamin CHEVALIER, Ingénieur Environnement, Operations Manager;
  • Coline CORLIER, Ingénieur Environnement, Operations Manager;

Trident Service also works with a number of experts at an international level, namely:

  • Jean-Jacques Blanchet, Expert of sorting centers;
  • Pierre Bureau, Senior Project Director, expert in the design and construction of landfills.
  • Thierry Oudart, Senior Project Director, expert in automatic sorting systems.

Finally, Trident Service regularly works on a partnership basis with complementary design and consultancy offices as well as architectural firms.