Trident Service

Environmental services for the public and private sectors.


Organized according to sectors of expertise:

TCO Réunion

  • Project: Assistance with project management for the establishment of a procedure for public service delegation to operate a waste sorting center.
  • Date: January 2012.
  • Contact:Sabine Huss, Administrative and Financial manager, Tél. : (0)


  • Project: Extension instructions of plastic sorting: Assistance with project management, project of extension of plastic sorting instructions, steering assistance, monitoring of industrial projects.
  • Date: October 2011.
  • Contact: Mr ROSSILLON Project Director, Tél. : (0)1 81 69 06 84

SITA Grand Ouest

  • Project: Assistance in response to the bidding documents for the renovation of the sorting center of the SMETTRAL. Assistance to the implementation of changes in the process of sorting.
  • Date: July 2011.
  • Contact: Mr Guillaume BOMMEL, Chief Executive Officer, Tél. (0)

SEMARDEL, Ecosite de Vert-le-Grand (91)

  • Project: Preparation of the documents for consultation, and technical assistance to attribution of a works concession for the construction and operation of a biogas recovery unit on the waste storage facility of Treffieux.
  • Date: December 2010.
  • Contact: Mr. Ludovic Carré, +33 (0)2 40 79 51 48.

SEMARDEL, Ecosite de Vert-le-Grand (91)

  • Project: Preliminary operations to the receipt of the sorting centre of waste selective collection : characterization of the incoming waste load, performance measurement of the chain sorting, proposals for improvement.
  • Date: December 2010.
  • Contact: Patrick MARTIN, +33 (0)1 64 56 75 16.

SEMARDEL, Ecosite de Vert-le-Grand (91)

  • Project:Assistance to the owner for a unit pyrogasification. Techno-economic rating, study of incoming waste load in the unit pyrogasification, compatibility with other processing means.
  • Date: September 2010.
  • Contact: Mr. Patrice Brun, +33 (0)1 64 56 75 00.

SMTD 65 (French Waste Association in the High Pyrenees area).

  • Project: Inventory of facilities for waste sorting and waste transfer in the Hautes Pyrenees area. Positioning and sizing of facilities for waste sorting and waste transfer, in order to optimize costs on 15 coming years. Description of facilities to build, costing of investments and operating costs.
  • Date: April 2010.
  • Contact: Mr. POUIDOMANGE, +33 (0)5 62 53 34 38.

SIMACUR Massy (216 000 inhabitants, 91)

  • Project: Market renewal of the waste treatment market : analysis of strengths, weaknesses and trends to foresee. Drafting of technical and administrative parts of the market. Offers analysis and presentation of the award report to Committee of Offers Allotment.
  • Date: October 2009.

SMICTOM Alsace Centrale(67)

  • Project: Selective collection and sorting of househould packaging, Evaluation of the current situation, alternative development: modernization of the center, on-site sorting part, outsourcing sorting, evaluation of investment and operating costs, economic, legal and social aid to the passage of a benefit to a regulated Delegation Public Service.
  • Date: September 2009.
  • Contact: Mr. Jean-Luc PATRIS, +33 (0)3 88 92 27 19.

SOGREAH, French Ministery of Finance

  • Project:Creation of a regional centre of waste recovery and waste treatment in the Donetsk area in Ukraine.
  • Date: September 2008.
  • Contact: Mr. Michel VALIN, +33 (0)4 76 33 43 18.

SEMARDEL, Ecosite de Vert-le-Grand (91)

  • Project: Characterization of the deposits of industrial waste and construction waste in entrance to the new waste recycling centre of Vert-Le-Grand: bibliographical survey, evaluation of the waste deposit in Essonne, characterization of the SEMARDEL deposit, methodology for the characterization of industrial waste.
  • Date: September 2008.
  • Contact: Mr. Denis CHRETIEN, +33 (0)1 64 56 75 16.

Sita Centre Est - Groupe SITA/Suez, - Site de Joigny (89)

  • Project: Mission of project management: Upgrading an iron recycling platform, metals, hazardous waste transfer. Costing of the investments, presentation to the DRIRE, consultation, monitoring construction work, reception. Construction cost: 300 000 euros.
  • Date: June 2008.
  • Contact: Mr. Philippe BRU, +33 (0)3 80 72 91 09.


  • Project:Feasibility study : alternative transport alternative to the road for newspapers and paper of the waste sorting centre in Le Havre.
  • Date: June 2008.
  • Contact: Mr Bernard DELSAHUT, +33 (0)3 86 46 95 75.

Company SHAMROCK, Auxerre (89)

  • Project: Design and construction of a waste recovery centre : - Waste sorting centre for waste selective collections (5 000 t/year) - Household waste sorting and transferring centre (7 000 t/year) - Waste reception centre for business - Metals retailing Technical draft, presentation to the DRIRE.
  • Date: July 2009.
  • Contact: Mr. Bernard DELSAHUT, +33 (0)3 86 46 95 75.


  • Project: Design implementation contest for an installation of production of alternative fuel from bulky waste items and mine-run waste reception centres. PLANGUENOUAL site (22).
  • Date: November 2007.
  • Contact: Mrs. Corinne LEBOUVIER, +33 (0)2 96 50 93 78.


  • Project:Response to the tender to design, implement and operate the ultimate waste storage centre of Perpeyzoux, Monistrol sur Loire (43 120)
  • Date: October 2007.
  • Contact: Mr. Matthieu CHARREYRE, +33 (0)4 71 02 22 94.


  • Project: Response to the tender to operate the waste sorting center for household selective waste collection SIDOMPE in Thiverval Grignon (78).
  • Date: November 2007.
  • Contact: Mr. Youri Ivanov +33 (0)1 30 79 20 00.

SIRDOM Dinard (35). Syndicat Intercommunal de la Région de Dinard des Ordures Ménagères.

  • Project: Project management assistance for facility modernisation and improvement of safety measures. The project covered a waste reception centre, a green waste facility, and a waste transfer hub. In addition, a new centre for composting was developed.
  • Date: February 2007.
  • Contact: Mrs. Cecil Girard, Director, +33 (0)2 99 46 11 84.

European Union

Subcontracted through SOGREAH.

  • Project: Master plan for waste disposal in the Province of Adjara, Georgia. Execution included the shutting down of two landfills and redevelopment of the terrain. In compliance with European standards, a new landfill was built for waste collection, selective sorting, and recycling within a regulatory framework of environmental protection.
  • Date: October 2006.
  • Contact: Mr Dominique Combe, Assistant General Manager, +33 (0)4 76 33 40 60.


  • Project: Invitation to tender to the composting of domestic waste for the Cavaillon factory. Deliverables included a detailed preliminary study, a study of a range of industrial procedures citing relative advantages and disadvantages, choice among available solutions, as well as the scaling of equipment and the building.
  • Date: October 2006.
  • Contact: Mr. Jean Louis Aude, Project Director, +33 (0)4 76 33 43 18.

Valorga/Urbaser Environnement

On behalf of the SEEDR.

  • Project: Invitation to tender from a public service delegation for the design and 15–year operation of the waste treatment facility of the SEEDR, Roanne Region. The design of the landfill technical centre included a project outline, a brief and a detailed preliminary study. Execution included earthworks, installation of both active and passive watertight barriers, water management, draining, lixiviation and treatment of biogas. Deliverables also comprised a complete description of operations, landscaping, and budget.
  • Date: September 2006.
  • Contact: Mr. Jean Louis Dorignac, Director of Tendering, +33 (0)4 67 99 41 14.

SICTOM of the cantons of Bécherel, Combourg, Hédé and Tinténiac (35).

  • Project: Project management assistance for the dismantling of the inceneration facility in Tinténiac. Deliverables included a project outline and preliminary study as well as an asbestos diagnosis, an audit of process structures and infrastructures, a study of scenarios for selective demolition and waste sorting, waste management, quantitative estimates (metrics), and environtmental management.
  • Date: September 2006.
  • Contact: Mr. Samuel André, Director, +33 (0)2 99 68 02 36.

Sepur Group, Plaisir (78)

  • Project: Response to an invitation to tender for the operation of the sorting and transfer facilities of SIREDOM in Étampes. Deliverables included a complete analysis of existing operations, a proposal of new methods of operation, a budget proposal and drafting of the technical specifications pertaining to the invitation to tender.
  • Date: August 2006.
  • Contact: Mr. Youri Ivanov, Managing Director, +33 (0)1 30 79 20 00.

Town of Saint Malo (35) / Verdicité (94)

  • Project: Project management assistance to Saint Malo in optimising the town’s selective collection of waste and renovating its sorting facility for domestic packaging waste. The modernisation of the sorting process helped to double the capacity of the facility. The project accounted for adjustments to specific terrain and building constraints. Deliverables included a project outline and preliminary study.
  • Date: September 2005.
  • Contact: Mr. Alain Guillard, Technical Director, +33 (0)2 23 15 10 12.