Trident Service

Environmental services for the public and private sectors.


Organized according to sectors of expertise:


  • Project: Analysis of national sorting centers in an economic optimum modeling field of wastes "from scratch", optimization of existing one.
  • Date: February 2011.
  • Contact: Jean François ROBERT, Tél. : (0)1 53 32 86 61.

Ministery of Environment and Sustainable Development Tunisia - Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW)

  • Project: Preliminary operations to the receipt of the sorting centre of waste selective collection : characterization of the incoming waste load, performance measurement of the chain sorting, proposals for improvement.
  • Date: December 2010.
  • Contact: Mrs. Verena Pfeiffer,, +49 33 20 97 22 92.

European Union

Subcontracted through SOGREAH.

  • Project: Master plan for waste disposal in the Province of Adjara, Georgia. Execution included the shutting down of two landfills and redevelopment of the terrain. In compliance with European standards, a new landfill was built for waste collection, selective sorting, and recycling within a regulatory framework of environmental protection.
  • Date: October 2006.
  • Contact: Mr Dominique Combe, Assistant General Manager, +33 (0)4 76 33 40 60.